Tips and Tricks for FIFA 17

If there is not really code on FIFA 17, as often with the EA SPORTS franchise, there are still some advice that it is better to know before starting its season.

Play with any team in story mode
It is ideal to serve Alex Hunter in the best conditions. To do this, simply you choose “play – control team” when asked. You will have then the eleven players under your control while keeping the exploits to unlock for the young English star or just visit

Unlock additional teams in the EASFC catalogue
There are two teams to unlock in the catalogue available by pressing the right stick on your controller. This is Adidas All Star and AT & T MLS All-Star teams. Know that he must have the level 7 and 8 to unlock and 3 000 credits CFC.

Buy coaches on FIFA Ultimate Team 17
The contracts are very expensive on the favorite game of FIFA 17 players mode. To make savings, we recommend to consult the chapter concerning contracts and coaches.

Online, it is there more friends!

Because that one is a great competitor or just a hobbyist, when playing online, play to win. Thereby, if you are not some of your abilities or if you simply want to play to win, put all the chances on your side by selecting one of the best teams in the game: Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Manchester United are great choices.

More dribbling is more simple, it is effective
Indeed, dribbling that most readily eliminate an opponent are often the simplest to do. Roulette, the trimming of legs or even the feint of strikes are widely used online. Train yourself to know when to take them.

WAS Champions, the first step towards the e-sports on FIFA Ultimate Team 17

Big news on FIFA Ultimate Team 17, this year, the arrival of the mode was Champions. Reminder, this game strongly oriented e-sports mode will allow the best players to compete for a grand finale with $ 1.3 million at year-end to share.

Guide FIFA 17: become an ACE of the simulation of football of the year thanks to our 100% complete guide. Strategies, training, technical challenges, technical skills (dribbling, juggling) detail of the novelties, modes of games, success/trophies, we tell you everything through our tips and tricks. The celebrations will be also discussed. Of course, our articles on the best players in Fifa 17 will allow you to form a perfect team. Don’t forget that Fifa 17 begins a turning point in the universe of the EA Sports series with the arrival of its all-new game engine. You will find also many parties dedicated to beginners as appendices on defence and attack in Fifa. Our party tips and tricks will also allow you to understand the best way whether this new Fifa 17.

Cheat Sims Freeplay – Simoleons Generation Tip!

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Tip and code cheat Sims Freeplay

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Presentation of the game Sims Freeplay

Life simulation game, the Sims series remains undoubtedly one of the best games that exist. It drains around him thousands of players all around the world. In reality, it’s a few years Electronics Games has put on the market the Sims saga and since then she meets a great success. This time, the developer draws the attention of lovers of the Sims and offers Sims Freeplay which is in addition to the series. Only, this time the Freeplay Sims or the Sims mobile still perfectly playable and premium on iOS and Android platforms. The objective of the game: as the other game in the series, the game allows to advance characters in their lifetime. In fact, your Sim will have to advance in a career that he will be chosen at the beginning of the game. As a result, you must customize, control and allow it to thrive in the world of the Sims in satisfying all of these material and physical needs.

The heart of the game: it all starts with the creation of your Sim and especially his personalization and choice of his character. Indeed, you must give it a personality from the start so that it follows the career that he is drawn. You can also choose his name, sex and all the traits that will be responsible for determining its character. So, early on, you need to set the goal that the Sim will have to reach so that all the actions that you need to run enter this sense. As a result, you have a choice among sixteen qualifications. In addition, you have the possibility to use the dog so that it digs up for you local currency to make more improvements and multiple purchases. As a result, whenever you récompenserez the dog after a find, it will thus find other finds. Do not forget to allow your character to thrive emotionally. Indeed, it participates in the development of your character and its advanced in-game.

Progression in the game: in the world of the Sims Freeplay game, there is a clear difference that is compared to the other games of the series. In reality, the city is almost deserted. Then, when your character is created, it will take care to build, expand and make living in the city. Because of this, you will be responsible for the management of the city and at the same time your character through beautiful graphics. In addition, your character will have an amount of virtual money, Simoleons, which will allow him to build his house, to develop it and decorate it. He can also buy furniture and other accessories with this money. As a result, this will allow the character to evolve in this universe, and especially to develop. In fact, the player will be forced to carry the character through various quests as well in the field, professional, health and relationships. On the other hand, to have access to all of the game, you pay for VMS.

Comment rapidement le Mode Boost Voici pour PlayStation 4 Pro est

Sony a sorti la version beta du firmware PS4 4.50. Il ne sait pas quand la société japonaise libérerait la version publique de la mise à jour de 4,50. Mais Sony a confirmé que la mise à jour apporterait un nouveau Mode de Boost qui stimulerait la performance des titres PS4 plus anciens sur la PlayStation 4 Pro. De nombreux développeurs ont corrigé leurs jeux pour profiter pleinement des capacités de la PS4 Pro.

Mode Boost est un délice pour les utilisateurs de PlayStation 4 Pro

Il y a toujours un grand nombre de titres qui restent non corrigées. En outre, beaucoup de jeux PS4 qui sortent maintenant ne sont pas optimisé pour la PlayStation 4 Pro. Le Mode Boost à venir permettra d’améliorer les performances des jeux même non protégé qui ont été libérés avant la PS4 Pro. Gens de chez Digital Foundry testé la version beta de Sony 4,50 firmware update pour voir comment la Mode Boost améliore les performances des différents jeux sur PS4 Pro. Ils ont comparé les versions originales du gameplay sur PS4 pour la PS4 Pro en activant le Mode Boost.

Les résultats ont été impressionnants, mais différentes pour chaque titre. Certains jeux comme truc a vu une amélioration des performances de seulement 14 %. Mais autres titres comme projet voitures et Assetto Corsa a vu vers le haut à saut de 38 % en performances. Digital Foundry mesuré les performances en termes d’images par seconde. Si Mode Boost a été en mesure d’améliorer les performances de la plupart des titres, l’amélioration était nulle part près de l’expérience offerte par jeux qui ont été corrigés à l’appui de la PlayStation 4 Pro.

Mode Boost offre-t-elle une amélioration notable en serrant dehors environ 15 images par seconde de la plupart des titres. Le niveau d’amélioration dépend aussi comment GPU et CPU intensive est le jeu. Fonderie numérique dit que plus de titres axée sur le GPU voient une meilleure amélioration. La version d’une fonctionnalité comme Mode Boost indique que Sony n’attend pas trop de développeurs pour patcher leurs jeux pour la PlayStation 4 Pro.
Autres fonctionnalités à venir avec le firmware 4.50

Mode Boost n’est pas la seule fonctionnalité à venir avec le firmware 4.50. Elle apporte aussi le soutien pour les disques durs externes jusqu’à 8 to. Les utilisateurs peuvent directement installer des jeux sur le disque dur externe. Sony a également actualisé le menu rapide, simplifié la liste des notifications et ajouté des fonds d’écran personnalisés. Vous devez activer manuellement le Mode Boost dans le menu paramètres.

Un porte-parole de Sony a dit The Verge Mode Boost que PSN PS4 Pro exécution « à une vitesse d’horloge GPU et CPU plus élevée » pour améliorer le jeu sur les titres qui ont été libérés avant la PS4 Pro. Dans certains cas, le Mode Boost peut provoquer un comportement inattendu. Dans ce cas, vous devez désactiver la fonction de résoudre les pépins.